Lift’n Roll

Lift’n Roll is a depressotherapy device.

It is designed, manufactured and assembled in our factory in the Haute-Loire.

Depressotherapy, in a few words :

The use of the instrument allows the perfect reproducibility of a maneuver and its consistency.

This technique consists in mobilizing the tissues by means of a suction cup, in which a vacuum is created. It reproduces the various maneuvers of manual massages. Their effect is increased by the hyperaemia created by depression. Hyperemia signs an increase in trade. The suction cup is transparent so that it can control its action.

We create suction in the suction cup by means of a pump. We modulate the power of this aspiration, and control it, using a manometer. This makes it possible to control the mode of action and the intensity of the depressotherapy, in order to improve the treatment, and to shorten its duration. The effect obtained depends on this, as well as the diameter of the suction cup used, the vacuum applied, and the mode of movement of the suction cup by the user.

The suction cup thus varies in shape and in diameter. We reproduce, and realize, through it, the classic techniques of massages: palpate rolling, kneading, stretching and slipped pressures. We can also use the sequential mode: there are regular and programmed alternations of high and low depressions in the suction cup. This mode is indicated in rheumatology and traumatology because the scars are very hyperhemitic.

Thanks to the new “b-Lift” technology, treatments are optimized by depressotherapy.


∎ Pre-defined treatments and treatments according to the needs.
∎ Customizable settings for each treatment appropriate for your client.
∎ A memory to create your own programs.
∎ The device has 2 working modes: continuous mode and pulse mode (time setting and empty high value & low empty amplitude).

Its connectivity is simple for a quick and easy connection for changes of suction cups.

The use of small suction cups is simple and accurate thanks to its stylus. Suction cups are easy to clean.

The device is equipped with a backlit touchscreen.



Face and wrinkles

The use of little suction cups on the wrinkles will stimulate the vascularisation and thus soften the tissues. Through this method, the wrinkles will be reduced.


As in manual massage, the effect obtained is a better tissue microcirculation, an improvement in the elasticity of the skin, an improvement of the various functions of the latter.


The use of depressotherapy on painful or tense parts of the body will have a relaxing effect. Thus,it will create a feeling of loosening and a feeling of well-being.


∎ 5 suction cups of variable sizes: this makes it possible to adapt as well as possible to the parts to be treated.
∎ 1 flexible suction cup: best suits the parts that are the least accessible.
∎ 1 little massage roller accessory: to work on bigger parts.
∎ 1 suction cup stylus: for precise work with small suction cups.
∎ 1 2 m suction hose: allows high mobility.


∎ 1 carrying bag: makes the device very mobile because Lift’n Roll is a lightweight product.
∎ 1 pedestal: allows to place the device nearest the client, and has storage for all the accessories.
∎ 1 big massage roller accessory: to work on even more bigger parts.