Slim’n Press 10C / Slim’n Press 6C

Slim’n Press 10C | Slim’n Press 6C


It is designed, manufactured and assembled in our factory in the Haute-Loire.

There are 2 versions:

∎ Slim’n Press 10C, with 10-cell boots.
∎ Slim’n Press 6C, with 6-cell boots.


Pneumatic drainage is a method that will prompt the activation of the veinous and the lymphatic circulation. Thus, this technique causes a stimulation of the blood exchanges and the lymphatic reflux. Pressotherapy is recommended to people who have the heavy leg syndrome or short-lived oedema.


1. Problems of retention of water “heavy legs” ;
2. Sports rehabilitation ;
3. Cellulite ;
4. Complement to slimming techniques ;
5. Relaxation.


Programmed by needs and techniques (upper limbs, lower limbs & abdominal belt).

∎ Flow up and down.
∎ Customizable parameters (working time, rest time, sitting time, number of cycles, etc.).
∎ Disable cells from the touch screen.
∎ Targeting the area of care (Lower: ankle, knee, hip / upper: wrist, elbow, shoulder):

— Segment: The program only applies to the selected area.
— Increase of the passage time: the program applies to the whole member but will slow down at the level of the selected zone.
— Increase passes: the program applies to the whole member but will pass 3 times at the level of the selected zone.

∎ It is possible to save modified programs adapted to each client.
∎ Constant flow thanks to overlapping cells for version 10C.
∎ Silent product.
∎ Intuitive software that adapts to the needs of professionnals.


∎ Simply navigate through the touchscreen and user-friendly interface.
∎ Find all clients’ needs by consulting pre-established programs..
∎ Working in parallel with manual drainage, thanks to a different compression depending on the desired programs (pressure, cycle, work rhythm, etc.).
∎ The pressure acts on the entire circumference and on a relatively large surface.
∎ The device makes it possible to make specific programs close to pathophysiology (call resorption, fragmentation …).
∎ Adjust the session according to your needs by displaying the actual processing time.
∎ Adjust the direction of inflation of the cells in ascending or descending order.
∎ Optimize your sessions with active and automatic deflation at the end of treatment.
∎ Provide your clients with a customizable and recordable treatment: selection and / or isolation of cells by electronic piloting for localized treatment (no more tedious manipulations).
∎ Easily connect one connector per accessory.
∎ Stand-alone device: requires no intervention during processing.
∎ Work with new boots using an innovative material: lightweight and highly resistant, very comfortable for the patient.



Indications: Heavy legs, no presence of varicose veins.

These programs are used when the subject complains of pain, heaviness, tightness in the legs. These signs are provoked or accentuated by a prolonged standing or sitting position, and settle progressively during the day.

The desired effect being a venous assistance, the resorption program will lead to an acceleration of the venous flow. To achieve this acceleration, avoiding crushing of the superficial veins, the pressures exerted must remain relatively low. These pressures can however be slightly increased if the professionnal wants to act on the deep venous network.


Indications: Heavy legs, presence of varicose veins or obesity.

These programs are used when the heavy legs are accompanied by the presence of varicose veins.

It takes into account the damage to the venous valves (revealed by the presence of varicose veins). After each part of the vein has been emptied, it performs a safety tourniquet (by maintaining the cell upstream of the deflated one), so that this part of the vein is filled physiologically by the artery and not by the venous reflux.


Indication: Cellulite, relaxation, sports rehabilitation and drainage method.

The cell 1 is inflated and then deflated and re-inflated, then the 2 is inflated, deflated and reinflated, and so on for the following cells up to 7 or 10 and are deflated all at the end of the cycle.

The peristaltic resorption program is the closest to manual lymphatic drainage maneuvers.


Optimum Boots 10 Chambers:

A good value for money, lighter, they allow a continuous treatment on all the member thanks to the overlap of the alveoli.

Hanchières (only for Slim’n Press 10C):

Boots (version XL), lighter and taller, allow a continuous treatment on the whole limb, up to the hips, thanks to the overlap of the alveoli.

7-chamber sleeve for Slim’n Press 10C:

It allows an accurate and comfortable treatment of the upper limb.

7-chamber sleeve for Slim’n Press 10C:

It allows an accurate and comfortable treatment of the upper limb.

5-chamber belt:

It allows an accurate and comfortable treatment of abdominal layers. Lightweight with velcro attachment to allow easy adaptation to all body types.

Pedestal table with accessory doors:

Specially designed for the Slim’n Press, this pedestal, on wheels, allows to hang boots and accessories, and has storage spaces.