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Intelligent press-aesthetics

Slim works on form and content,
for an inner well-being that shows on the outside.

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SLIM 6 / 10

The Slim range

The intelligent pressotherapy device

Discover the future of pressotherapy with Slim, our French innovation. Designed with precision, Slim incorporates advanced medical features while delivering exceptional aesthetic results. Thanks to its on-board intelligence, it combines performance and safety to give you an incomparable experience. Explore a new dimension of beauty with Slim, French presso-aesthetic excellence.

Technology designed for your well-being

The details have been carefully thought out to ensure that your session is as light and comfortable as possible.


Our presso-aesthetic equipment is ergonomically designed and easy to move, offering a practical solution to your aesthetic needs.

Its elegant, sleek and ergonomic design has been carefully thought out to ensure optimum comfort in use.


Intelligent technology that gives you the flexibility to respond to all kinds of requests and meet the different needs of your patients, thanks to predefined programmes that come directly from the medical world and are in tune with the world of aesthetics.


Optimising your session means making every second of the treatment effective thanks to the active deflation of all the Slim versions to increase the positive effects on your body at the end of the session. 

Slim and the pressure gradient

Our SLIMs are based on the essential concept of the pressure gradient.

These devices use inflatable boots or sleeves to exert sequential pressure on the limbs, stimulating blood and lymph circulation.

This process reduces water retention, diminishes cellulite and tones the skin. The resulting 'pneumatic massage' provides a sensation of lightness and well-being, offering both aesthetic and therapeutic benefits.

By integrating this technology, we are responding to the growing need for beauty and well-being.

Predefined programmes

Different programmes have been designed to meet different treatment needs. Navigate the tablet below to discover their programme and functionality.

An inner sense of wellbeing that shows on the outside

Helps firm tissues, shape the body and refine the silhouette.

Helps recovery after physical exertion.

The treatments combat water retention, blood and lymphatic circulation problems and the sensation of heavy legs.

The pressure acts over an entire circumference and a large surface area.

How a Slim session works

Immerse yourself in a Slim session as if you were using it with your patients in your living room.


Carrying out a diagnosis of the client. Application of cryo gel and hygiene sheaths.

The session takes place lying on your back with your legs slightly elevated in a quiet area (offer a drink).

The "start

Choose the protocol according to the diagnosis. Depending on the part of the body to be treated, you put on the presso-aesthetic boots for the legs, the belt for the abdomen or the sleeves.

The process

Remember to see the customer again to ask if the pressure is still good and if everything is going well...

The final touch!

Once the sheath has been removed, remember to allow the remaining gel to penetrate with an upward movement from the ankle to the top of the thigh.

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SLIM 6 / 10