Connected press-aesthetics

Our Activ'Press has an elegant design that
adapts perfectly to any space.
Adjust the session time, change the pressure.
Access all treatment programmes
predefined. Check the status of the session
pause, stop and much more thanks to the
available for Android smartphones.
What's more, it is made up of multiple elements
so you can work without having to worry about
risks for you and your customers.

To order

+33 (0)6 16 71 54 82

French made

In our workshop in Haute-Loire
ZA Route de Tence

Guaranteed product

This appliance has a 2-year guarantee
and accessories 6 months

Video presentation : Activ'Press


The benefits of pressotherapy

La pressothérapie permet de réduire la rétention d’eau et purifier le corps des toxines en dynamisant la circulation sanguine. Ce processus contribue à décomposer les cellules graisseuses stagnantes, favorisant une meilleure santé veineuse et soulageant les symptômes des jambes lourdes et de la cellulite. Elle peut être donc un allié précieux dans votre quête pour une silhouette affinée et tonifiée.


  • Heavy legs
  • Sports recovery
  • Cellulite
  • Relaxation
  • Complementing slimming techniques

Care benefits

Helps to firm tissues, shape the body and refine the figure

Facilitates recovery after physical effort

Treatments combat water retention, blood and lymphatic circulation problems and the sensation of heavy legs.

The pressure acts over an entire circumference and a large surface area.

Product benefits

Application available for Android smartphones that lets you set the parameters for each session

Quick and easy 1-click start-up

Accessories to suit all body shapes for working the legs, waist and arms

Hands-free device: less fatigue for the practitioner

The different versions of our presso-aesthetic machines


1-click start-up

Leg, arm and waist programmes

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Cryo Slim Gel facilitates drainage and relaxation.
improves circulatory comfort and reduces the risk of heart attacks.
the sensation of heavy legs. This treatment gel
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