Slim Expert 6C

Intelligent press-aesthetics

Slim Expert works on form and content,
for an inner well-being that shows on the outside.

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French made

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Guaranteed product

This appliance has a 2-year guarantee
and accessories 6 months

Benefits of pressotherapy

SLIM EXPERT is a unique complement to your manual massage techniques. Easy to use, Slim'n Press technology offers you quality treatments that adapt to the different needs of your patients.


  • Heavy legs
  • Sports recovery
  • Cellulite
  • Relaxation
  • Complementing slimming techniques

Care benefits

Helps to firm tissues, shape the body and refine the figure

Facilitates recovery after physical effort

Treatments combat water retention, blood and lymphatic circulation problems and the sensation of heavy legs.

The pressure acts over an entire circumference and a large surface area.

Why Slim Expert ?

  • Easy navigation thanks to the touch screen and user-friendly interface.
  • Find all your customers' needs by consulting the pre-established programmes.
  • Work in parallel with manual drainage thanks to a specific compression that differs according to the programmes required (pressure, cycle, work rhythm, etc.).
  • The pressure acts around the entire circumference and over a relatively large area.
  • Set the session to suit your needs by displaying the actual treatment time.
  • Adapt the direction of inflation of the cells by ascending or descending.
  • Optimise your sessions with active and automatic deflation at the end of treatment.
  • Offer your customers a customised treatment that can be personalised and recorded: selection and/or isolation of cells by electronic control for localised treatment (no more tedious handling).
  • Easy to connect, with a single connector for each accessory.
  • Stand-alone device: requires no intervention during treatment.
  • Working with new boots made from an innovative material: lightweight and highly resistant, very comfortable for the patient.

Product benefits

Quickly launch the appropriate treatment by navigating through the touch-screen menus

Customisable treatment: modification of pressure, insistence or deactivation of certain cells

Adjust the session to your needs by displaying the actual treatment time

Easy connection of all cells thanks to a single connector per accessory

Optimisation of session time thanks to active deflation at the end of the session

The key Slim Expert programmes

Heavy legs are unpleasant sensations such as tingling, numbness or pain. This is linked to poor blood circulation in the legs. Thanks to our programme, your legs will feel lighter!

This treatment eliminates fat cells and oedema and drains toxins. This reduces the appearance of orange-peel skin in the areas concerned. The skin is firmer and the figure more refined.

Helps to improve blood and lymph circulation in the body. This practice has a direct impact on well-being and contributes to a general relaxation of the system thanks to the aesthetic draining massages performed by our device.

Sportspeople's muscles are often tense after intensive training or a sporting competition. Pressotherapy is a good way to recover quickly and combat fatigue. It promotes blood circulation in the veins of the lower limbs after exercise. Thanks to this treatment, athletes can avoid swelling and the feeling of heavy legs.

This treatment is carried out using a system that produces upward pressure on the body. This drainage helps combat the sensation of heavy legs and water retention, and contributes to better blood and lymph circulation.

This aesthetic drainage method is based on a mechanical principle that works on blood and lymph circulation to eliminate toxins and waste products from the body.  


  • Dimensions : 34 x 32 x 14 cm
  • Weight : 4,9 kg
  • Alimentation : 230 VAC / 50 Hz
  • Power : 50 VA
  • Depression : up to 135 mbar

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Optimum Boots
6 cells

Good value for money, lighter, they allow continuous treatment over the whole limb thanks to the overlapping of the cells.

Optimum sleeve
5 cells

It allows precise and comfortable treatment of the upper limb.

Optimum Belt
5 cells

For precise, comfortable treatment of the abdominal area. Lightweight and with Velcro fastening for easy adaptation to all body shapes.

Pedestal table with accessory holder

Specially designed for the Slim Expert, this pedestal table on castors can be used to hang boots and accessories, and has storage space at the back.